Hello! I’m Grace, I’m 19 years old from Cleveland Ohio with a passion for food.  I decided to make this blog to document my healthy endeavors, in and outside the kitchen.  Some time during my first year of college, I became more conscious of my body and the nourishment it requires.  I’ve been a dancer my entire life and always led a pretty healthy lifestyle but wasn’t always aware of exactly what was in the food I was putting into my body.  I soon became aware of just how good raw, clean food can be.  I started changing my eating habits while continuing to exercise through ballet, yoga and pilates.  I’m an almost vegetarian and breakfast foods will always be my favorites but I’m always up for trying new recipes.

There’s no denying food can have magical powers of sorts.  A scrumptious cupcake can turn a bad day good and a delicious meal with friends and family can bring everyone closer together.  That’s why I believe that food should be made with healthy, wholesome ingredients, even when you’re indulging.  And that’s why I’m here, to show that you can eat healthy while still enjoying delicious recipes and improving your overall well-being.  Enjoy! Xx Grace

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