Quick and Easy Veggie stir fry


Stir fry is one of those staple meals that everyone should have under their belt. There’s really no excuse to not know how to make a simple stir fry. So I would just like to share some of my very favorites to throw together for nights you need to make something fast and delicious. Pair with brown rice or some soba noodles if you would like, I accidentally forgot to put the rice on the other night in time. It was pretty embarrassing. Anyways, enjoy this fresh and easy dinner!


-One 14.5oz can of baby corn
-One onion, diced
-Two peppers, diced
-One 5oz can of water chestnuts
-A couple handfuls of snap peas
-One head of broccoli, chopped
-Tofu, cut to your desire
-One cup of matchstick carrots
-Soy sauce, terrayki sauce, whatever sauce, to taste
-Sesame seeds, for decoration


first heat onion and pepper over medium heat with oil, slowly adding in the other ingredients until fully cooked. Season with the sauces and spices of your desire. Enjoy!



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