TownHall Ohio City


I’ve been meaning to try TownHall for a while now. A couple nights ago me and my friend Cathy made a trip to Ohio City, a trendy neighborhood of Cleveland which hosts an abundance of delicious restaurants. There’s been a lot of hype surrounding TownHall since they opened their doors just a little over a year ago. TownHall boasts themselves on being able to serve customers of all dietary wants and needs. They have vegetarian and vegan options as well as classics such as burgers and flatbreads. I ordered a burrito bowl with black bean chili, brown rice, tofu, guacamole, quinoa, pico de gallo and lettuce. Cathy ordered lettuce wraps which came with grilled chicken, pickled vegetables and a choice of three different sauces. Both plates were delicious and oh so cheap!

Here’s my burrito bowl which didn’t even run me $10! My one complaint about this place is the set up of the restaurant. It’s divided into two different sections and is very confusing if you’ve never been there before. One section is self seating and order at the counter which is not made clear at all when you first come in. The other side has identical food and drink menus but hosts the bar and servers. There would be a 20-30 minute wait to be seated so me and Cathy opted for the quieter side of the restaurant (this way we didn’t have to tip either!) We found a bar top table that was half outside and facing the street so we were able to get some good people watching in. All in all, it was a good experience but there are definitely some other restaurants in the area I want to try before I make a trip back here

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