Chocolate Raspberry Tarts and a Day in the Berry Orchard (Vegan)


When I was little one of my very favorite books to read was Blueberries for Sal. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this childhood classic, it’s a story about a little girl who spends the afternoon picking blueberries with her mother and eventually gets lost, encounters a bear and has quite the adventurous day. I finally got to live out my very own Blueberries for Sal story today! Well, my berry picking experience might not have been all that Sal’s was but it was definitely a good time.


I woke up early to drive about 45 minutes with my mom to a farm called Voytko Berry Farm in Auburn, Ohio. We started in the blueberry fields and picked a whopping five pounds of berries! Then we made our way to the raspberries where there were both red and black varieties


Anyways, I left the farm satisfied with my berry finds and about a million recipe ideas but decided to start with these tarts. They’re a nice cool treat and low in calories. I would like to note though, I used phyllo dough but next time would try puff pastry instead. But chocolate and raspberry were meant to go together and these delicious tarts verify that.


-15 phyllo dough shells (or puff pastry shells)
-About 1 1/2 cup of chocolate pudding of choice. I used Oh She Glow’s The Best Chocolate Pudding You Will Ever Taste
-15 raspberries (picked fresh if possible!)

Lay out the dough cups, spoon about a tablespoon of pudding in each and top with a raspberry. I rolled my raspberries in sugar which got a little messy but added a nice touch. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Chocolate Raspberry Tarts and a Day in the Berry Orchard (Vegan)

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